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Terminology in Homeopathy

Acute Illness – a condition that is usually brief in duration and self-limiting. That is to say the illness runs it course or the patient dies. Examples are colds, flu, ear infections, and food poisoning. 

Chronic Illness – usually develops slowly over time, it last indefinitely, usually results in a deterioration of health and does not resolve on it owns, but requires some type of healing intervention. Examples are arthritis, hypertension, etc. 

Common symptoms – are symptoms that are commonly found in a particular disease. For example: spots with measles and swollen gland with mumps.

Characteristic symptoms – are symptoms of an unusual nature, what a homeopathy will call strange, rare and peculiar. These are what create a remedy picture specific to an individual. Examples: nausea that is better with eating, dizziness that is better with motion, etc.

Constitutional Treatment – is treating the whole person, not just the symptoms alone, with the intent being to enhance the general level of health for the individual, not just get rid of the symptoms. 

Potency – the strength of the homeopathic remedy. This is based on the number of times, during preparation, that the remedy has been diluted and succussed (AKA- potentized). Potency is show as a number that follows the remedy name. Examples are Aconite 200C or Arnica 30C or Calcium Phosphate 6X. 

Provings – is the methodology for testing a substance, on healthy volunteers to discover the symptoms it is capable of producing, and therefore may cure. Participants in a proving record their symptoms; the symptoms are collated and then used as therapeutic indications for prescribing that substance. Clinical results are equally important in determining the use of a remedy. 

Suppression – the driving inward of disease symptoms so that in time the person experiences more serious symptoms than they originally had. 

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