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My Homeopathic Practice

I have been working with Bonnie for the past three years.  Her knowledge of Homeopathy and the remedies she provides me with have transformed my life.  When I started working with her I was very shy, timid and lacked confidence. I had a lot of fears, anxiety, and  worries.  I often was sick due to the day care I  ran out of my home and stomach aches and heartburn were almost daily.

Now three years later I feel like a new person.  I  am able to walk into a room of people and socialize.  Some thing I have never been able to do. I do not notice myself worrying and I feel myself living my life instead of my fears. I rarely get sick and when I do it doesn’t last long and I never have the stomach ache or heartburn.  The anxiety that once ruled my life is greatly reduced.

This is just a small sample of the things that Bonnie has helped me with.  I would recommend her to anyone.   She will change your life not just your health.

Thank you Bonnie,

  Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Types of Appointments

I offer two types of appointments. For individuals that live in or around my office location, I encourage you to come to my office for a consultation. However, if you live outside of this geographic area I can also work with you remotely using various tools, including a simple telephone consultation. I am able to do this because Homeopathy is a language based modality.

Finding a remedy for YOU.

I start with an initial interview, during the interview we review a list of issues that might be limiting your life or bothering you. These can be things affecting you physically, mentally or emotionally. During this session, I will be listening to how you talk about these issues, because as you speak about them you will in many cases reveal an underlying theme or pattern that runs through them, connecting them altogether. Once I am able to identify this pattern or theme then I can use this information to match the pattern or theme you are using to describe your symptoms to a homeopathic remedy with a similar pattern or theme. This remedy will then be able to gently remind your body how to move back in to an inner state of health.

What to expect

My goal in working with you is to find the remedy that best matches your symptoms. Whether you are complaining about asthma, allergies, depression, recurring illnesses, insomnia, or constipation, I will need to know specifically what you are experiencing, not only for your primary complaint but all other symptoms you are experiencing. Due to the amount of information that I need to help you on your journey to recovery, the initial visit will most likely be 1 ½ to 2 hours.

After the initial visit, regular follow up appointments will be needed. The frequency of the follow-ups will depend on the nature of your complaint(s), your progress and the remedy being used. At the follow-up appointments, I will need to know what changes have occurred on any level (mental, emotional and physical).

I highly recommend that we work together for at least 4 to 5 months. This provides the time to ensure that the remedy is working well and also to teach you how to know when you need to redose, or when we need to change the potency of the remedy or if we might need to change the initial remedy.

Client Partnership

One of the distinctions of homeopathy is that it is a partnership. We work together to restore health and harmony for you. How effective our journey is depends on the openness of our communication. You need to be candid regarding all your symptoms, other medication you are taking and other healing modalities that you are using.

Sometimes remedies can be influenced by other substances. So I may ask you to either totally avoid or at least limit your intake of certain substances.

Some other modalities can affect the remedy. For example, many creams and oils used by massage therapists contain camphor or menthol. These products can stop the action of the remedy, so when going to get a massage you need to ask the therapist to use products that do not contain these products.


Records of client visits and other transactions are confidential. I may, for the purposes of improving your care, discuss a case in a confidential manner with a professional peer, without disclosing any information by which you might be identified. Any other use of you case information for teaching, research, or publication in a professional journal would require a separate and specific permission.

Call 970-626-9828 or email Bonnie@IntrinsicVitality.com  to make an appointment or find out more about how homeopathy can help you. Appointments are available in the Ridgway,CO office, via telephone, or via Skype.
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